We anticipate our technology will provide a step change in performance and capabilities. Cyceera’s unified data extraction (Universal Data) concept is derived from our proposed Knowledge Processing Framework (KPF) which implements intelligent decision support systems with cognitive processing capabilities. Generic and scalable, the unified data concept is designed for growth, change and can be deployed on different platforms for use by different stake holders. It can substantially improve decision making, minimize risks, and unearth valuable insights that would otherwise remain hidden. It will enable all kinds of enterprises to create new products and services, enhance existing ones, and invent entirely new business models. Consequently, there is the potential for making faster advances in many disciplines and improving the profitability and success of many enterprises. Data can be represented at different levels of detail (abstraction levels) and presented accordingly depending on the application and service requirements. This enables better understanding through the automatic selection of relevant subject data, ease of use and a simpler Human Machine Interface (HMI).

Cyceera’s Knowledge Processing Framework (KPF) integrates algorithms from a range of related disciplines, such as High Performance Computing (HPC), cognition, data analytics, knowledge extraction, mathematics and Natural Language Processing (NLP).