Sense Making

Situation Awareness

By continuously assessing information from various sensors, the Neuromorphic Framework (NF) can determine the current situation awareness state regarding the environment in which it operates. It can also interact with and influence the state of the environment via actuators. In order for the NF to make intelligent and optimal decisions it needs to understand many aspects of the current situation, such as the location of all critical assets, their status and if they pose a threat. Consequently, the NF implements perception, comprehension, and prediction functions in formulating a decision. The NF provides means to discover relationships between crisis triggers and impacts, and the provision of a model of cross-correlations and interactions that can forecast the crisis outcomes depending on various confrontation strategies.

Enterprises are often threatened by crises, some of which could have been prevented or their impact lessened if knowledge of causal and influencing factors were known and better managed.

For complex situations containing a vast and bewildering number of concepts where it becomes increasingly difficult for experts to reliably define the causal relationships accurately. This then calls into question the accuracy and reliability of the results. Cyceera’s NFF can quickly analyses such situations and provide more objective feedback and suggestions of how to proceed.