About Us


Cyceera is a young and evolving systems and semiconductor IP company formed by a seasoned industry veteran with more than thirty years experience in the electronics industry commercialising innovative “high-tech” products for world class international companies. Cyceera has the expertise and commitment to deliver ground breaking products to the marketplace.

Through its innovative technology, Cyceera can solve technically challenging problems and deliver innovative capability and products into the healthcare, industrial, scientific, business intelligence, national security and defence markets.

We are customer focussed and provide bespoke systems that autonomously grow and adapt to our clients’ needs.

Big data overloads, limited budgets, reduced timescales and resources are several factors that can conspire to disrupt the efficient running of businesses and product development. Decision makers at all levels are constantly faced with diverse, conflicting and complex scenarios, where choosing the wrong options can be disastrous and costly. Many decisions need to be made in real time or near real time where the luxury hindsight and a long analysis aren’t an option.

To address these needs, Cyceera is developing its novel Neuromorphic Framework.

Cyceera’s research and development has led to the creation of some robust Intellectual Property (IP) that we believe will have a significant impact on the future of computing. It has been said, “That to out compute is to out compete.” Our computing paradigm is a key enabler for knowledge based systems and represents a step change in performance.


Using our NF, our mission is to automate the process of Intelligent Decision System Support (IDSS) design, from concept to a fully functioning system, targeting a range of sectors and in doing so establish Cyceera as the industry leader in Cognitive Decision Support and big data analytics.

We aim to deliver significant productivity improvements for end users engaged in complex analysis through timely, intelligent and confident decision support systems.

Our value proposition will redefine knowledge engineering and enable small teams to become more focussed, and dynamic and deliver right first time solutions.

Value Proposition

  • Has the potential to completely transform the design and implementation of intelligent autonomous systems with a situational awareness requirement.
  • Unifies unstructured data from different sources into modular knowledge units that can be combined to solve different problems.
  • Automatically adapts to new situations through autonomous learning and knowledge verification.
  • Enhanced user experience through natural Human Computer Interaction (HCI) interfaces.
  • A flexible scalable technology based on a rich mixture of Function Block types that enables greater product differentiation and targets a wide range of applications from mobile embedded to HPC arrays.
  • A scalable and modular approach facilitates easy integration with other systems using standard interfaces and hence leverages customer’s investment in legacy products.
  • Significantly enhances and stabilises a product roadmap through the use of a flexible standard platform.
  • Adaptive self learning systems .